Brunton's Auriscope

Brunton's Auriscope

Description : Brunton's otoscope was much in use amongst general practitioners but was decried by otologists because it denied them a means of manipulating in the ear canal: a dichotomy which continues to the present day with family practitioners being avid users of the otoscope and specialists using head mirrors and specula or operating microscopes when manipulation within the ear canal is necessary.
There was adequate room in a Brunton otoscope for a light bulb and consequently thesewere the first otoscopes to be electrically illuminated.

There was a German model produced by Schall in the 1890s and a Spanish model invented by Verdos of Barcelona in 1895.

In any event, this device was further modified from its original dependence upon wet cells to flashlight batteries and was in continuous production as a portable auriscope until the early 1930s.

It again became available in a modified form in the late 1960s as the Hotchkiss otoscope.

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