The Operating Microscope

The Operating Microscope

Description : The binocular operating microscope, although primarily designed for microsurgery of the ear, is also a valuable diagnostic tool.

The operating microscope fulfils all the requirements necessary for adequate otoscopic examinations. With excellent illumination and stereoscopic optics, the examiner enjoys increased depth perception and three‑dimensional vision, and is thus able accurately to manipulate instruments introduced through a speculum.

The majority of operating microscopes permit changes in magnification to be made either by a rotating drum or by a zoom lens system.
The attachment of a beam splitter to the microscope body allows the addition of supplementary optics. These may include observer eye pieces, a still camera body, a cine camera or even a colour television camera, thereby simplifying the teaching and documentation of ear disorders.

For consulting room use, simple wall‑mounted versions of the operating microscope are now available.

Zeiss‑Jena operating microscope model OPMI 2.

Veb Carl Zeiss Jena, I Carl Zeiss Strasse, Jena, GDR

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