The Tele-Otoscope

The Tele-Otoscope

Description : The tele‑otoscope is a miniature telescope modelled on the cystoscope: it enables the specialist to inspect and photograph the tympanic membrane.

Modern versions of these instruments use the Hopkins rod lens system which incorporates glass rods separated by air‑filled gaps, acting as lenses, placed at specific intervals along the teleotoscope.

Tele‑otoscopes provide the observer with a wide viewing angle, excellent resolution, contrast and brilliant illumination.

The larger angle of view provides a circumferential image of the entire tympanic membrane through a teleotoscope with an overall diameter of only 2.7 mm.

Tele‑otoscopes are unfortunately costly, and consequently are not in general use.

Hopkins rod tele‑otoscope:
4 mm outside diameter
(Karl Storz model 1215A,
Karl Storz GmbH & Co.,
Mittelstrasse 8, D‑7200
Tuttlingen, West Germany

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