The Bony External Auditory Canal

The Bony External Auditory Canal

Description : The deep or inner two‑thirds of the external auditory canal (bony external auditory canal) has bony walls and initially runs slightly backwards before turning to run forwards and downwards.

The skin overlying the inner bony two‑thirds of the external canal is thin and contains neither hair nor glandular structures. It is closely adherent to the underlying bone and consequently the skin which lines this area is both immobile and easily traumatized.

It is important to note that the skin covering the outer aspect of the tympanic membrane is continuous medially with that lining the deep canal and laterally with the more complex outer skin of the external.

Notice the thinness of the akin and absence of hairs within the bony external auditory anal.

The posterior bulge of the anterior canal wall partially obscures the anterior portion of the tympanic membrane.

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