Transverse wrinkles of the Deep Canal

Transverse wrinkles of the Deep Canal

Description : Another normal feature of migration which is frequently encountered is a series of transverse wrinkles in the superficial layer of corneocytes of the deep bony external auditory canal.

These transverse wrinkles are surface corrugations or waves which lie at right angles to the long axis of the external canal.

Transverse wrinkles ate present in most deep canals and they are most readily visible on the posterior surface.

These wrinkles develop as the outwardly migrating stratum corneum of the deep canal is heaped up against the stationary adnexal structures, especially the hairs, of the superficial canal.

Transverse wrinkles become larger and more numerous as the migrating epithelium of the deep canal approaches the junction between the deep and superficial portions of the external canal (the deep superficial junction).

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