Outstanding ears (bat ears)

Outstanding ears (bat ears)

Description : In addition there may be a poorly formed antihelical fold or excessive tissue, usually in the conchal or the triangular fossae, giving the ear a cupped appearance.

While outstanding ears are asymptomatic, once children with such ears find that they are the object of ridicule by their peers, the emotional discomfort is often such that otoplasty is required to remove the source of their anxiety.

The ideal time for such surgery is generally between 4 and 6 years of age.

Otoplasty consists of the excision of an elliptical area of the post-auricular skin combined with releasing incisions in the posterior portion of the auricular cartilage to weaken its outwardly projecting springiness and to create a strong and well defined antihelix.

This operation requires some skill, not only to produce a cosmetically satisfactory result, but also to ensure that the two sides look alike.

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