Description : The term microtia is used when there is gross hypoplasia of the pinna with a blind or absent external auditory canal.

Microtia encompasses a wide spectrum of severe malformations, ranging from a mere nubbin of tissue on the side of the head which has no recognizable features to a formed auricular appendage that is obviously deformed and smaller than normal.

Microtia is typically bilateral, although the degree of the deformity may be different on the two sides.

Children born with microtia should have their hearing tested soon after birth, and if a hearing loss is present, should be fitted with a hearing aid as quickly as possible.

A computerized tomography scan should be done to determine if the middle ear structures are sufficiently normal for middle ear reconstructive surgery to be successful.

Because this type of surgery is technically difficult and potentially hazardous to both the inner ear and the facial nerve, it should only be performed by an otologist who is experienced in operating on this type of patient.

If the microtia is unilateral, middle ear reconstructive surgery is generally not recommended.

Reconstructive surgery may also be performed to rebuild the pinna into a more cosmetically normal structure.

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