Pre-auricular pits, sinuses, and fistulas

Pre-auricular pits, sinuses, and fistulas

Description : Defective closure of the first branchial cleft or a failure in the fusion of the primitive ear hillocks may result in the formation of a small pit, sinus, or fistula related to the external ear.

This deformity may vary from a small dimple (pre-auricular pit), to a larger sinus (pre-auricular sinus.

Pre-auricular pits and sinuses may become infected, and if they do, the infection frequently recurs.

Rarely, a pre-auricular fistula will be found as an abnormal communication between the skin of the face or neck and the external auditory canal (collaural fistula).

A pre-auricular sinus or fistula may be intimately related to the facial nerve or its branches, and the excision of these lesions should be left to an experienced surgeon.

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