Description : We are indebted to many people for their help and advice during the preparation of this book. The Hopkins Rod photographs were taken using equipment purchased with a grant from the Richard and Edith Strauss Canada Foundation.

The financial assistance received from the St Joseph's Health Centre Research Foundation, the TW J Foundation, Guildford, England, the Saul A. Silverman Family Foundation, The Canadian Otological Study Fund, R. S. Laborie & Associates and Carl Zeiss Jena is gratefully acknowledged.

We should also like to express our appreciation to the Ontario Ministry of Health, who suppored the Ontario Temporal Bone Bank Programme through a Research Development Grant.

Mr John Senior, Curator of the History of Medicine Museum, Academy of Medicine, Toronto, Audrey B. Davis of the Smithsonian Institute and Miss E. Allen of the Hunterian Museum, Royal College of Surgeons of England provided invaluable assistance in obtaining examples of early otoscopes.

Lou Rednicki and Roger Harris, medical photographers at St Joseph's Health Centre, and Stewart Sereda and Harmiena Van Oosten of the Toronto General Hospital Photographic Department also provided valuable advice and assistance.

We would like to thank Lew Allyn and Lorne Elder of Welch Allyn for their enthusiastic support and advice during the preparation of the manuscript. Dr Gerald Rosen provided invaluable assistance in the preparation of chapter 3.

A very special acknowledgement is due to Allison MacKay for her untiring efforts in all aspects of the preparation of this book and especially in the printing of the black and white illustrations.

Special thanks are due to Rasa Skudra, medical artist of the Toronto General Hospital for preparing the line drawings.

Mr Herb Thony of Carsen of Canada has provided us with valuable technical assistance in the selection and maintenance of our Olympus camera system.

We would like to thank Mrs Jean Cooper for her cheerful and untiring efforts in typing and retyping the manuscript.

We should also like to record our thanks to our wives and children for their forbearance and encouragement during this project.

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