Preface 2

Preface 2

Description : Otoscopy is currently practised by many health care professionals, including Audiologists, Nurses and Nurse Practitioners, Chiropractors and Hearing Aid Dispensers. With experience and the use of a sound clinical technique, many ear problems can successfully be diagnosed and treated by the family practitioner.

We have attempted to emphasise the diagnostic features of those conditions which require specialist referral or surgical intervention.

This handbook is intended to serve as a practical guide for both physicians and the allied health care professionals. No attempt has been made to present either a comprehensive atlas of the ear nor a textbook of otology. By necessity, the text is didactic and the therapeutic advice presented represents our combined clinical experience.

The majority of the photographs the external ear and tympanic membrane used have been selected from the personal collection of Dr. Michael Hawke.

Those illustrating otoscopic appearances were taken using a Carl Zeiss (Jena) Model II operating microscope fitted with a photographic and electronic flash attachment, or by means of a Karl Storz Hopkins Rod Tele-otoscope with electronic flash and attached endocamera.

A short bibliography has been included for those who wish to refer to more comprehensive texts of otology.

Toronto and London, 1984 MH MK PWA

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