Description : The aim of this book is to assist the practitioner in the selection and use of the appropriate equipment when examining the ear, to illustrate the otoscopic appearances of commonly encountered conditions of both the external and middle ear, and to provide a rationale for the management of these disorders.
The accurate diagnosis of any disease depends upon sound clinical method and the availability of suitable instrumentation to allow appropriate examination. Modern otoscopes which incorporate a halogen light source with fiberoptic distribution have greatly improved our ability to illuminate and examine the depths of the external auditory canal.

To-day's medical and paramedical curricula place more demands on both students and teachers and consequently there is insufficient time and material available to teach an ever increasing number of students the art of clinical otoscopy.

It has become apparent to us, both as teachers and clinicians, that many examiners are unable to appreciate fully the significance of what they see with an otoscope and consequently the diagnosis and management of ear disease is unnecessarily difficult and frequently delayed.

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